Pros And Cons Of Living On Campus

It is time to go to university and you must decide where you are going to stay. Will it be better to living on the campus or off campus. This is a decision that just you can make, but here are some things to think about, before you make your final decision.

Pros of living on campus

The first and most important pro is that you are living basically at your school. You are always near the school and don’t have to travel everyday to and from classes. For a student that don’t have a lot of money, this is a way to save money for travelling.

Living with other students, makes it easier to make new friends. You will meet many students that are also living on campus, and this is where the best friendships are born.  You don’t have to worry about money for food, rental and other expenses that are going with living alone and not on campus.

On campus there is always security that are looking after you and your belongings. If you are staying off campus you are more vulnerable to theft and other crime related issues.

Cons of living on campus

The biggest issue of living on campus is that there is no privacy. And it can be harder to focus just on studying, because many of the students that are living on campus like to socialite more and the learning can be neglected very easily. So if you are serious about your studies and want to put your studies first, it will not be a good idea to stay on campus.

The space that you are living in when you are staying on campus can be very limited. You must share bedrooms, bathrooms. An the bedroom are not that big to share in the first place, can be hard. If you are a very shy or personal person, it will be harder to stay on campus than to stay off campus. Not everyone is comfortable in living and sharing with other students.

The decision to stay on or off campus can be a hard to make. But if you consider every aspect of what you are comfortable with, it will not be so hard at all. You must just make a list of all the pros and cons of living on and off campus, and then you can decide what is best for you. It is your education that you must think about.