Resume 101: Mind Your Grammar and Spelling

Resumes take an applicant to the frontline of their job applications. It is a simple document but has the power to make the first impression either good or bad. Thus, applicants should not take for granted the contents of their resume in terms of correct grammar and spelling.

No spelling errors please

Resumes in the new millennium should be as easy as cooking eggs. The use of spell checker in a computer is a very practical and useful step to make before sending out the resume. However, there will be cases that even the computer will not detect spelling errors because of a simple word that may just be acceptable like the word “of” and “off”. One simple mistake in spelling can be disastrous for your resume. It is always best to manually recheck the contents of your resume before sending them for a job application.

Grammatically dramatic

In many instances, grammar can be one of the tedious parts in checking the contents of a resume. Of course, a computer can aid you in checking and rechecking the correct grammar. Still, there will be portions of your resume where even a computer will not detect grammatical errors because some statements may be acceptable in its form but not in context. Always make sure to recheck manually the grammar of your resume before using it as attachment to your application letter. Even the slightest mistake in grammar can cost you the chance to be shortlisted in a desired position.

Many employers seek the best candidates by first looking into the contents of the resumes. You will lose a chance as a candidate if a simple grammatical and spelling error is neglected. It is always wise to make sure that the resume you sent out is impeccable when it comes to these aspects.