Sports, Art and other Specialized Scholarships

Scholarships are available in many ways and for various fields of studies. The most popular and most common among all scholarships is probably the academic-based type. However, there are also scholarships that not only look into the academic merits of a student but his or her talents as well.

Athletic excellence

Sports scholarships are given to students who have exceptional talents in sports like basketball, football, and other fields. Schools that have highly competitive sports teams usually offer such type of scholarships to students who have the athletic merits from their previous schools. The best thing about having a sports scholarship is that you get to play the sport that you like while attending a good and reputable school.

Music and performing arts

Another type of scholarships that can be availed of is the music and performing arts scholarship which are granted or awarded to students who showed exceptional talents in music or any other performing arts like acting, film, or dance. Many of these scholarships are given by specialized schools that provide high standards of education for such fields of study. Students usually avail of these scholarships by way of competition or contest.

Fashion, design, and other visual art

The visual arts scholarships are probably among the most glamorous and most expensive financial assistance provided to students. These scholarships are also given in specialized schools that provide these fields of studies. Many scholars in fashion and visual arts have accessed these financial aids through competitions and contests. In some cases, the competitions are high profile and have a lot of media exposure.

These specialized scholarships are provided for students who may not excel academically but have extraordinary and unique talents that can be further developed after attending a formal education. Such financial aids for students are also very highly regarded and sought out by many aspiring athletes and artists all around the world.