Applications To Assist Your Small Business

Apps have been made not only for entertainment, but to help any type of business venture grow. Since you probably own a tablet or a mobile phone to communicate and do your transactions, you can take advantage of the applications that come with it. They are readily available for download and cost low. Some are even free for use. Here they are.

LogMeIn- Free for Android and IOS With Some Paid Features

As an entrepreneur, it would be ideal to have your laptop or computer with you at all times. However, business trips and other responsibilities may keep you from doing that, especially when on a vacation with the family. LogMeIn allows you to access your desktop or laptop from your mobile even when you are far away. You can do almost everything that you normally do with your computer, minus all the bulk.

Google Hangouts- Free for both Android and IOS

Almost everyone relies on Google and Gmail for transaction nowadays. Since your clients need to talk to you, and you cannot always meet them physically, the Google Hangouts is an ideal partner. As long as you have Gmail and a working internet connection, you can connect and communicate easily with anyone.

Asana- Available Free For Android and IOS

Assign task to your staff without the need to call with the Asana application. Using this, employees or team members (up to 15 people) can see the task you have dedicated to them. They can also give you reports and attach images relating to work. With this, all of you will hit the target on time.

Checkmark- Available on IOS

Sometimes the pre-installed to-do list on your mobile phone is not enough to keep you organized, especially if you are a busy person with a jam-packed schedule. The Checkmark app begs to differ. Not only can you schedule an appointment based on varying times, you can also do so using your location, contacts, etc.

There are hundreds of applications out there that do the same thing. However, these are the crowd pleasers that have been proven to work. When you use one for your business, you can expect a higher efficiency and easier time handling your schedule.