College or Work After High School?

When asked why a young man didn’t pursue college, he said he can still find work without a college diploma. If all teenagers will answer this way, then why go to college at all? Why bother to give your parents a headache thinking where to get the money to spend for your college education?

Think of Financial Stability

Yes you can find job as early as after graduating high school. You can earn some cash to spend on things that you want since you are single but what about once you decided that you already want to settle with your girlfriend and start a family? Will you earn enough money with a high school graduate job that you got?

Think of Career goals

Yes you can find job once you graduated high school but what career is waiting for you after 5 or 10 years? Would you get any chance for promotion? Would you become a boss after a decade or will you still be the same person working on a low profile job because you don’t have the educational requirement necessary to make it to a higher post?

Think of your Benefits

In the current economic situation that we have, most workers and employees gets benefits like medical benefits and retirement based on their career. The better the career you have, the better medical and retirement benefits you can get. If you are a high school graduate, what job would give you such security?

Despite the enormous amount needed for a college education and the time you can spend with it, it is still best to finish it if you are given the opportunity.