Laptops Vs. Ipads: Which One Is More Practical For College Students?

Not too long ago, laptops have become part of the basic tools of a college student in order to keep up with many school requirements. The few students who had no laptop of their own are at a disadvantage in terms of quick processing and computing. But this has changed in the past few years when iPads and tablets came into the picture.

The advantage of a real keyboard

Many college students prefer the laptop over an iPad or tablet because of the physical keyboard that is easier to use and offers a lot more efficiency, whereas an iPad can only use an onscreen keyboard which takes up screen space. Not only that. Typing are also a lot slower using an iPad or a tablet because of the response time needed for onscreen keyboards. Thus, laptops are more favored by the students in this aspect.

The advantage of portability and quick browsing

iPads however, can easily be used in just a matter of seconds for browsing so it becomes more favored among college students for researching and even making notes during lectures in a class (for lecturers and professors who allow their students to use one during class). There will be less time needed to boot and no bulky machines to carry around so it is quite handy and has more mobility compared to most lightweight laptops.

Choosing between a laptop and an iPad may involve more of what a college student prefer rather than the usefulness of each gadget. In some cases, some students take advantage of both gadgets for various school works which is a good balance.