The Difference between a Scholarship and Grant

College education is a very expensive human right and this is why a lot of students try very hard to get a scholarship or a grant. Just to be clear, these two forms of financial aid are different not only in terms of the way it can be accessed or provided but in many other aspects as well.

Academic, athletic and other scholarships

Most schools and financial aid institutions provide scholarships to students who pass the qualifications. Usually, scholarships are given to students who qualify for an academic standing, certain test score, or an exceptional talent in athletics or arts. In most cases therefore, scholarships are based on the merits of a student rather than the need for financial assistance. Most scholarships given have certain conditions that students must adhere and comply in order to maintain this form of financial aid. In times when the conditions are not met, the scholarships are usually relinquished and given to another candidate. Scholarships really take a lot of efforts to maintain but in turn, also become rewarding at the end of the course. Scholarships are not to be repaid by the student after the contract.

College grants

There are certain institutions and schools that provide college grants to students who also pass for specific qualifications and criteria. Usually, college grants are given to students who qualify for certain academic standing or certain test score in addition to being financially-challenged or being unable to afford a college education. In a way, college grants are given to students who are less fortunate than most. Therefore, college grants are based primarily on the need of a student for financial aid who has the academic merits. Most college grants have certain conditions that students must adhere and comply in order to maintain receiving such support until the course or contract is completed, similar to a scholarship. There are certain cases when a college grant can also be taken off from a student if he or she fails to meet the requirements and conditions.

Both of these forms of financial aids promote excellence in academics which benefit the students the most. In a similar way, the schools or institution providing these forms of financial aid to students raise their standard of providing good education. One of the scholarships for college students with $1000 winner’s prize is available on