Great activities for increasing your brain function

Looking to find some simple ways to boost your memory, enhance your concentration and supercharge your mental faculties? Then check out these tips that can give your brain a great workout, and what’s best is that the exercises are all simple, quick and won’t cost you a penny!


We’re only starting to realise how interconnected our bodies and minds are, and it seems that a good dose of exercise is a great way to keep your brain sharp.

The NHS have repeatedly stated how being active aids our mental wellbeing, and it’s thought that jogging, swimming or even just a brisk walk can perform the all-important function of helping our brain’s nerve cells to multiply and interconnect so as to improve our mental health as a result of the greater blood flow to the brain.


It also seems that our brains need stimulation in the form of learning in order to operate properly. This is because when we learn it changes the size and structures of our brain’s neurons in a way that can help our complex reasoning and decision making.

And it’s not just learning a language or musical instrument that can be valuable for this, as there’s been a wealth of brain-training apps from the likes of Lumosity that can do a great job of stretching your neurons. Or if that’s a little too sterile, then you can see if this brain-testing theory will work here by checking out Lucky Nugget Casino’s online blackjack games that provide a further set of strategic challenges for your grey matter.


In order to fuel these card games and exercises, it’s essential that we eat a selection of superfoods that have proven brain-boosting abilities.

Omega-3 fats such as those found in oily fish are thought to be essential for providing structural support for our neurons and helping to stave off any debilitating mental illnesses. And coconut oil has been found to help prevent memory loss, whilst any foods containing vitamin B12 like seafood, beef, chicken and eggs can help our brains stay sharp well into old age.


And finally if you’ve ever wondered why you feel so mentally scrambled after a bad night’s sleep, it’s because a good night’s sleep effectively ‘resets’ our brains so that can see the world afresh – sometimes with a whole new set of insights.

But as well as sleep helping our creative minds, it seems that a good eight hours’ sleep is essential if we are to improve our brain’s plasticity so that we can learn more effectively and perhaps even figure out advanced strategies for our next trip to the Lucky Nugget Casino gaming site!