Tutoring, Volunteering and Early Preparation: Top Tips for Getting Your College Application Noticed

Getting into college is a lot of hard work. When considering applications, college admissions tutors don’t only look at your grades and academic results, there are a whole load of other things that they take into account as well such as interview performance, extra-curricular activities and recommendations to name just a few. If you are currently looking at colleges to apply to and want to make sure that your application stands out and looks amazing, here are just a few things you should be considering doing.

Extra-Curricular Work

It isn’t just your grades that admissions tutors will be poring over when they read your application, they also want to learn more about your hobbies, interests and the things that you get up to when you have spare time. In order to make your college application stand out and look more interesting and appealing, taking part in extra-curricular activities is important. This could be something like getting a part-time job on the weekend, helping out at a local business, or even volunteering your time to a charitable cause.

Get Extra Help

If you feel that your grades are not going to be up to scratch when you send off your college application, getting extra help from a private tutor can help you make your grades fly up the scale. Having a private tutor, even for one evening a week can help you get the most from your homework time, get up to speed with any topics that you’re falling behind on, and have anything that you don’t understand explained. Many current college students will tutor as a way to make extra money, so it’s also a good opportunity to have somebody to speak to who knows how the college application system works and can give you some great advice on your application.

Start Early

When it comes to writing your essay or personal statement for your application, the earlier you start, the better. The sooner you get started with writing your application, the more time you have to proofread it and perfect it before you finally send it off. When you start preparing your application early, you also have plenty of time to ask people to check it for you and give advice on the best changes and amendments to make to it.

Ask for Recommendations

An important part of your college application is the recommendations that you’ll get from teachers and school counselors who know you well. At least a month in advance of the deadline, it’s a good idea to jog their memories by giving them a ‘personal data’ sheet that highlights some of your best achievements and grades so that they don’t neglect to include them in their recommendation. Many teachers and school counselors are also happy to give advice about preparing for a successful college interview as well, so this could also be a good time to ask for their help.

When you prepare in the right way, your applications will definitely stand out! Also, you may try individual college essay writing service, provided by ThePensters’ team.