Create An Appealing Video Resume That Can Get You Job

In today’s highly competitive market, it is very important to create and appealing resumes that grasp the attention of interviewer. If a CV can make you stand out from the crowd, then defiantly you are going to get a job. It is a time consuming area, where you need to prepare your profile and quite different from traditional resume style.

If you are considering going ahead with video resume, then there is more chance that you are setting yourself unique candidate among crowd. Video resume can be a powerful complement to the written resume giving a better picture of your profile. However, creating it from professional resume maker will be highly impactful. Jessica Sarkisian is a reputed video resume maker who has created some appealing and powerful resume in a video format giving opportunities to applicants.

Benefits of Video Resumes:

One of the huge benefits of creating video resume is showing off your positive and unique personality to interviewers. The process also finishes up in short period of time. Another best part of the video resume is it can be uploaded on any professional website including LinkedIn, keeping you out of the crowd. The video essential helps you to know who you are and how different are you from other candidates.

Let us now check out some tips on how to create an appealing video resume:

  • Make sure it’s Appropriate: When you are preparing to make a video for resume, make sure it is relevant to your profile. If you are applying for an online media work, then create accordingly that suits to the work. You can check the available video resume or seek advice from professional like Jessica Sarkisian to get the best out of it.
  • Give Greater Insight: While creating video, it is important to give greater insight of your background and profile. Tell them why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Focus on your achievements and other essential things required to know by the employer.
  • Keep it Short and Straight: Make sure the video is short and describes you to the point. The recruiter won’t spend time on watching your video. Keep the video for maximum 1 min. Recruiters are anyways going to take your personal interview to understand more about you.
  • Don’t be Afraid of being Creative: If you are opting for video resume make sure it looks creative and catch the attention. Be creative, but professional in terms of language, attitude and attire. This will certainly demonstrate your creative and professional skills.


Creating an appealing and creative video resume will certainly gain attention of the recruiter. Moreover, if it is being done by professional like Jessica Sarkisian, then your resume will be the best one that can help you in getting the job.