Four Consequences of Driving Without Insurance

You may not think a car insurance policy is very important, especially if you are a safe driver. If you get into an accident and it is the other driver’s fault, they will pay for the damage. However, the consequences of driving without insurance can be costly. The following are only four things that can happen to you when you operate a vehicle without insurance.

You can be pulled over for a moving violation

Maybe you forget to signal, or maybe you were traveling a little over the speed limit, but for whatever reason, a police officer pulls you over. The officer will ask you for your license, registration and proof of insurance. In the state of California, car insurance is mandatory. If you do not have proof of insurance, you will be given a ticket. The cost of this ticket will be in addition to the any ticket received for the original stop made by the officer.

Your car can be towed away

Another possibility is that your car is towed after a police stop. Although you may have a valid driver’s license, the officer may not let you drive off with insurance. When this happens, you will have the cost of towing and vehicle storage to pay for in addition to other fines and penalties.

Your car registration will be suspended

The department of motor vehicles will suspend your registration for your car without insurance coverage, so you will need to get insurance immediately. You will also need to pay money to the DMV to get your registration reinstated. All of this adds up quickly, so if you think car insurance is expensive, you will quickly learn that not having a policy is even more expensive.

You get into an accident

You are financially responsible for the damage to another car and any injuries to the driver and his or her passengers. A car insurance policy will protect you from losing any assets you might have, and make no mistake, you likely have more wealth than you realize. Unless you are living below the poverty line, there can be financial consequences of an accident that you will discover only when you receive your court summons.

The above consequences are only a few things that can happen to you. A policy that complies with the minimum legal requirement in California can be purchased from any car insurance anaheim company, and payment plans are also available.