Tips for Social Media Marketing

We all know that social media optimization is very important but, definitely, it could be an intimidating job trying to correspond it all. So to help you with it, here are some tips for simple social media marketing that you could do on a regular basis that will help you build your social media network.


Add at least five new contacts on your LinkedIn or Facebook account every week. This will take few minutes to do it. Luckily, LinkedIn and Facebook make this easier for you to do it by recommending friends with the same interests.

Joining Forums

Join in some active forum related to your niche and hype your profile and create at least 3 to 5 posts in a week. Take advantage of the Private Message feature to connect with other members. But do not try to sell to them!

Yahoo Answers

It may be not very effective for some other niches since Yahoo Answers readers are young people, but answering at least 5 Yahoo Answers questions in a day related with your niche can help you a lot. You will rapidly see that a lot of the people who answer questions are not really lucid or do not offer quality information.

Always Be Ready

Look at your Google Alerts and search for your name one time a day. When you see that someone has talk about you in a blog or other site, go and write a comment or answer back in some way.

When you follow these tips, you will see that you will use social media more proficiently and see your business cultivate accordingly.