Time Clock Systems for Employee

Some people see employee time clocks as a thing of the past. Attendance, however, is one of those areas where companies often need to cut costs. This aspect, along with tracking time, is a major area where many companies could easily cut costs. In many cases, companies don’t manage time tracking and attendance very well.

Does Attendance Tracking Matter for Salaried Employees?

Many people assume that employees who receive salaries don’t need their time and attendance tracked. However, it is just as important for them to show up on time and do their work as is for other employees. Some salaried employees, if no one is tracking their attendance, may be inclined to perform the bare minimum of work. Those who know their activities are being tracked will be more likely to do their job as they’re supposed to. Companies that keep a careful track on their employee’s productivity will see better profits. Using good clocks for attendance helps keep the process easier for everyone.

Buddy Punching

A challenge that companies face with employees is buddy punching. This problem occurs when one employee handles punching another in or out, especially when running late. One of the unintended consequences of buddy punching is overpayment, which can cost a lot of money. In many cases, the reasons for doing this are relatively innocent, and employees don’t realize that they are causing a problem. Company management often lacks the resources to keep track of these issues.

Payment for Actual Work Matters

The main reason people use solutions like clocks from Allied Time is to ensure employees are only paid for actual time worked. When there are many employees still paid hourly, time tracking makes a considerable difference in whether employees end up being overpaid. Although most companies trust their employees, just a few who take advantage of reporting hours worked themselves is all it takes to cause problems. Keeping careful track of time also helps in cases of employees who regularly show up a few minutes late.

Using good time clocks will go a long way towards making sure everyone in your workplace does what they are supposed to. Everyone will benefit from the higher profits that come with productive employees. Use good time clocks, and you’ll see great results.