Proper Photo Attachment in a Resume

Resumes are intended to quickly present an individual’s qualifications and background to a certain range of job experiences or skills. This includes a personal background that usually also gives a quick idea about the personality of an individual and a photograph is almost always one of the attracting feature.

Proper shot

It is very important that the photo attached in an individual’s resume is achieved in a proper manner that will help those people from recruitment get a good image of the person applying the vacant position. Resume photos should be a front shot of the person showing from the head to the shoulders. However, this should not be limited to an ID picture shot that will look boring losing a good chance to be shortlisted. Photos that are shot with a natural setting are also positive in many companies these days. Candid photos and blurry photos are not sellable and these make an impression that the applicant is not serious with the application.

Formal background

The formal background of the photo in the resume is always plain white. In some cases however, a plain blue background have been widely accepted. It is never advisable to have multicolor backgrounds, highly intense colors like red, neon, etc., or those with designs. However, photos with natural backgrounds but blurred to focus only on the person is also acceptable in many companies.

Acceptable size

The usual size of the photo in the resume should be a square measuring 2 inches on each side which is normally known as a 2-by-2 picture. However, some companies also accept the passport size photo which has a 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm dimension.

In color

Photos in the resume should be in color. Although there are no rules to it, but black and white pictures have almost zero attraction to the recruitment team of the HR department in most companies. People who attach their graduation pictures have very low chances of getting noticed.

Some photos help as a selling point in a person’s resume while other photos do the opposite. This is reality. The use of a photo in a resume should be done for a positive purpose. Therefore, photos attached in the resume should present a formal image of the person who has an image of a qualified applicant to the desired position.