Online Job Application Versus In-Person Job Application

A lot of people these days prefer to apply for a job online. Online applications have become one of the fastest means to actually look for a job especially for the new graduates in this so called modern generation. But is online job application more effective and efficient compared to the old-fashioned actual and in-person job application? Try to compare the pros and cons of each approach.

Online job markets

The advantage of applying for a job online counts “multiplicity” among many. With a few clicks of a mouse, a hopeful applicant can easily access as many as hundreds of job vacancies in one glance. The options will be almost limitless for anyone who has the patience and enthusiasm for surfing the net. However, with the very wide range of available jobs on the net, any applicant could lose focus and may get overwhelmed with the big array. This could result in a very long process of selection of which job to apply.

Deeper understanding of the job

In most cases, an in-person job application provides the applicant with more and deeper understanding of the company. Nothing beats seeing the actual company site and office, and getting a feel of the atmosphere in the workplace on the way to the HR department. However, this would also mean more time spent in every company which will shorten the number of applications that an individual can make in a day as a consequence.

On-the-spot interview

Whether in-person or online, both approaches can provide the applicants with the chances of being interviewed. Many companies who have moved to more high-tech process of recruitment actually include online interviews. Other companies who prefer the old fashion way for interviewing potential candidates have their own way of the process.

When it comes down to the employer’s point of view, applying online or in-person will depend on how each of the companies will maximize their resources for the process and their preference of recruiting people into the difference job vacancies. However, the key to the job application, either in-person or online, is the applicant’s resourcefulness in a given situation.