How to Manage a Part Time Job with Regular Study Program

The study should not be stopped, at least for fund crisis. There are many ways to solve the issue. A scholarship, loan from relatives or a financial institute or a part time job can make way to success in higher studies. The most challenging of all is to manage a part time job while pursuing higher studies.

Load of a Part Time Jobber

Higher studies involve regular class attendance, assignment, term papers, tests and a lot of study of reference books in addition to the textbooks. Only firm determination and a suitable study program of the universities can help to achieve the target. There are many courses, which are designed for the part time job holders. Students can choose fewer numbers of courses than the regular program. It lingers the course period for two or more years. That is positive to complete an undergraduate course than stand out of the course.

Work and Study Management

Time of working is very important while studying. Take a morning program or an evening program of course, depending on the time of work. Four hours of class, two to three hours of study, two hours of travelling and communication and four more hours of work, in total twelve to thirteen hours. A long day of hard work. It may lead one to a monotonous and mechanized life. Keep a day off weekly to have breath and energy for the next week.

Part Time Work Takes Ahead of the Non-workers

While working in the study period, one acquires the real world working experience, which add more weight to the resume. Sooner after the study program they get the chance to apply for a better position of a job. No experience goes in vain, as long as hard determination with an aim is there.