Making the Switch

Making the switch from working for a company as an employee truck driver to owner-operator is a big one. Many experienced drivers value common advantages in owning their own tractor-trailer, such as setting their own prices for their work and reaping all of the benefits of getting their jobs done right. They also carry the responsibilities of purchasing or leasing a tractor trailer, insuring it, and maintaining it over time.

The key to making the switch to owner-operator trucking is to decide if being your own boss and balancing these obligations best fits your present and future needs. With your own vehicle and a satisfactory arrangement with a company that hires owner-operators, you can build a profitable business. For instance, you might like the flexibility of choosing the type of loads you want to carry and the routes you prefer to use around the country to earn your income. You can also schedule the days you work and balance those with your personal life.

Get started today with building your own profitable owner-operator trucking business. From the ground up, you can select your type of work and make an acceptable hauling schedule. Finding the right balance of work and play starts with driving the nation’s transportation routes and then deciding how to spend the profits.