5 Devices that Benefit From Video Enhancement

Better resolutions and greater detail in video systems has been a driving force for many products. In the 21st century, display enhancements are often sought after by those looking to upgrade smartphones and tablets. With each innovative creation in display resolution, thousands of products are affected. From the watch you wear around your wrist to immense LCD billboards lining great cities, display technology continues to evolve.

Gaming Consoles

Each new gaming console is developed to be visually superior than the last. Realistic games and entertainment far surpass game technology of the 1990s when 8-bit graphics were considered state-of-the-art. Now, its not uncommon to see consoles and computer systems utilize more than 396-bit video display for greatly enhanced graphics.

Electronic Video Microscopes

Although some microscopes still utilize reflected light while looking through an eyepiece, electronic video microscopes can offer amazing clarity while promoting ergonomic comfort. Video measurement systems and the like can zoom in to one micron resolutions while putting the image on a 23-inch LCD display.

Wearable Technology

One of the newest crazes in the world of technology is that which you can wear. Things such as digital heart rate monitors and watchphones benefit from what video developers have created for other products. Watches of today might look incredibly different if not for the innovations of LED development.

Interactive Projection

Through video projection and wireless receivers, products like interactive whiteboards allow virtually any computer to become “touchscreen” capable. Although you’re not really touching the computer’s screen, the effect is simulated by high resolution graphics and responsive board technology.

Billboards and Signs

Many areas utilize LCD and LED enhancements for billboards and signs. Essentially, these constructs act much like a computer screen that is enormous allowing all to see. Developed by using more sturdy construction that traditional televisions, these signs can offer more information while being aesthetically pleasing to look at – encouraging more people to look at the advertisement.

From the days of old when families gathered around a black and white vacuum-tube-based television to checking your heart rate on a digital display from your wrist, video technology plays a prominent role in how society functions. Visual displays can be used as a tool or as a means for being entertained. With each leap in development, possibilities continue to mount. It’s possible that within the next few decades, humankind will be able to watch video content on virtually any surface in the home or office.