Pros and Cons Effect of IPAD on Kids

There are so many new technologies that are surfacing up nowadays. It’s a good thing in a certain way because somehow it makes the life of everyone easier. The problem occurs when it becomes the reason behind misdemeanor and bad attitude.

The Good Old Days

Remember back in the days when during a beautiful day kids are outside playing at the park or playground. Playing basketball with friends is the way to spend the entire afternoon. Kids back then were more healthy and happy. But today, you cant hardly see kids outside playing. Most are inside their room playing with a tablet.

Bad effect

For those kids who spend more time with their gadgets than with actual and real live people then tend to be more shy or sometimes aggressive. These kids would rather play with their tablets than play with children their age. Their social skills are not good.

The Good Part

The good thing about kids using tablets of all sorts is that applications downloaded into the system are a big help when it comes to teaching the kids basic and simple knowledge. Its okay for kids to use their IPADS once in a while as long as it doesn’t hinder and stops all the daily activities of the kids,

But don’t get to comfortable in letting the kids use the gadget. Instead encourage him to walk around or jog like medusa to take his mind away from it.