Nursing Career on a Third World Country

There was a time when nursing course was the first choice of every incoming 1st year college student. The truth is that it can either be their own choice or their parents’ choice. For those parents who forced their children to take up the course they believe that it will be the key to a better life.

The Challenging Part

Being a nursing graduate here in the Philippines can be very difficult if you don’t know how to adjust and adapt to your surroundings easily. When the course boomed more than 100 schools big and small offered the nursing course. And since most people think that becoming a nurse is the key to a better life took up studying it. Almost 5 thousands graduate from the course every year and take the licensure exams. You have to compete against thousands of other registered nurse for 5 vacant slots in a tertiary hospital.

Options Available

Nursing graduates actually does have different options ahead of them. They can choose to pursue their chosen careers by paying training fee at certain hospitals. After the training they can either be absorbed into the team or let go. Or they can apply for a volunteer post that normally last for 6 months to a year without compensation in the hope that it will make their resume look good.  All these said efforts are done in the hope that they will be able to go abroad to practice. Then they can always choose to follow a different path to make a decent living.

Life is a dog eat dog world. You need to be tough in order to succeed in whatever career you chose to take. One reminder is to never let one thing limit you from all the wonderful opportunities in this world.