James P. Hoffman – Working for You

The most important thing when consulting an attorney when you need legal assistance is finding one that carries expertise in the area that you are seeking. James P. Hoffman carries expertise in a variety of areas, most of them dedicated to helping those in need. Based in Iowa, Mr. Hoffman has a long successful history of helping those who have been inundated by the “system”. He is the one to stand and fight for you.

Mr. Hoffman has many areas of expertise. He has a proven track record of representing those who are coping with the devastation of medical injuries and the issues that accompany that due to injury on the job. He is completely knowledgeable and adept with attacking the legal ramifications of Worker’s Compensation, Social Security Disability and Personal Injury and working to render the client successful.

As a social security and disability lawyer, James Hoffman will represent those with worker’s compensation claims, personal injury claims, and auto accident claims anywhere in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. He is a true warrior for the innocent who too often are devastated by work-related injuries or car accidents that can disable a person for life, as well as the family and all who are dependent on that person.

While Iowa requires that workers’ compensation be carried by law, the laws are different from state to state. They will generally cover all medical, surgical, hospital, dental, and medication costs. They are also legally obligated to pay for lost wages due to illness or injury. Permanent disability would be payable for the lifetime of the employee in most cases. Legally, this payment at the employer’s expenses should be continued as long as the treatment is considered reasonable and necessary.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job or suffered because of a work-related job or a car accident, or are having difficulty obtaining social security benefits, James P. Hoffman is a qualified and dedicated attorney who will work hard for you – the initial consultation is free, so don’t wait any longer – call to find out exactly what Mr. Hoffman can do for you.