Why You Need Forwarding Domains

Typically forwarded domain names are used to automatically redirect traffic from one domain to another. This is useful if you are looking to change domain names. But did you know that you can also use forwarding domains as a way to capture traffic that might otherwise overlook your website? You can forward multiple domain names to one, and this is handy if you want to get all possible traffic to your website.

First, consider forwarding misspelled domain names to your correct domain. For instance, if you sell printer ink cartridges at magicprinterink.com, but think potential customers might type in magicprinterinks.com instead, you can use forwarding to forward magicprinterinks.com to your correct domain, magicprinterink.com.

Lengthy domain names can also benefit from domain forwards. Many visitors may have a hard time remembering the exact spelling of your website, particularly if they find out about your website from a television commercial or a radio advertisement. Use a short, catchy URL, such as radioadink.com, to forward new traffic to your actual domain, magicprinterink.com.

If you change your business name, then you’ll want to change your domain name, too. After all, if your business/company name is Magic Printer Ink, then it would be inconsistent to have an older domain name, like cheapandeasyprinterink.com. With a domain forward, you can forward all traffic that goes to your old domain, cheapandeasyprinterink.com, to your new domain, magicprinterink.com. Visitors won’t have to click or perform any other manual action, as the forward will automatically bring them to the correct domain.

Finally, domain forwards are handy if you’d like to register all of the common TLDs for your domain name. Besides a .com, you should also register the .net and .org variants of your domain name, and possibly the .info, too. Simply use domain forwards to bring all of those domain names to your .com.

From a search engine optimization standpoint, you stand to lose nothing buy choosing to use domain forwards, for whatever the reason you have them implemented. Forwarding domain names ensures that you don’t lose any traffic. Consider forwarding domain names like casting a large net over all potential traffic.