5 Tips for Unlocking Your Potential

Struggling in school? Tired of working dead-end jobs with no promotion in sight? Or maybe you’re just bored with the banality of the world. If you’re interested in freeing yourself from the confines of a conventional existence, here are five tricks to shaking off the apathy, liberating your imagination and building a better you.

1: Improve Your Memory

When you commit something to memory, your brain literally changes, the neural pathways reshaping and reforming in response to new stimuli. If you can make this a habit, your brain will accept your increased neural input as a new baseline, and the ideas and plans will start sparking repeatedly and with energy.

2: Follow The 10 Second Rule

If you’re upset, let yourself stew about it for exactly 10 seconds. Then let it go. One common trait among millionaires and CEOs is their absolute relentless focus on the future, not past regrets and mistakes. No matter what setbacks you suffer, no matter who wrongs you, don’t let yourself think about it for more than 10 seconds.

3: Allow For Reflection and Introspection

There’s a reason so many great ideas come in the shower or the middle of the night. When you allow your mind to roam, to stop firing on all cylinders and simply relax, that’s when it stops operating on your default mode network (DMN) and starts playing with free associations and crazy connections. If you can induce this kind of free-thought with meditation or quiet contemplation, the creativity will come in waves.

4: Take Responsibility For Your Life

Disappointment is born of expectation. But why are you expectant is the first place? Who promised you anything? Stop thinking about work, life and relationships in terms of “deserving” things. Start your day with the premise that the world owes you absolutely nothing, and as such, any excitement, opportunity or adventure is up to you to cultivate.

5: Ask The Experts

If all else fails, look into software and seminars specifically designed to unlock higher-order thinking capabilities. GLN Consulting, for example, uses everything from memory games to explanatory modeling activities in order to guide its students into intellectual refinement. Learn more at GLNConsulting.info.

These are just a few ways to shrug off the mundanity of modern life and let your inner genius out to play. Remember, however, that self-improvement takes time, so don’t be discouraged if great sweeps of brilliance and imagination are slow in coming.

You’ve been sleepwalking your entire life. You have to adjust to a waking world full of possibilities.