Reasons Why You Have to Consider Living in a Dorm in College

Deciding to live in a dormitory should be easy and simple. There is no better place to completely submerge yourself, in your college experience than to reside in a dormitory full of other people who are in the same boat. Below are the reasons why you should consider living in the dorm.

Easy to Meet People

There is no easier way to meet new friends and be connected than being in a dormitory. You will be walled by your people who are all experiencing very similar experiences and challenges that you are.


A lot of dormitories provide valuable features like Internet, television cable, libraries, air conditioning, free tutoring, study rooms, laundry services, and canteens.

Resident Assistant

In most dorms, there’s always someone who’s an undergraduate salaried peer leader. Their main task is to be an example and help the occupants in their academic and individual development and achievement.


There is nothing better than being on campus, being in the center all the things you need and not needing to deal with transportation problems. You are close to the class rooms, gyms, dining halls, libraries, counselling offices, and sporting facilities of the universities.

Floor Activities

These can be a good chance to make some friends, community and search changes in your fellow resident’s social beliefs and backgrounds.

These tips could surely help you in having the best experience you can get when you enter on the dormitories, don’t forget to be friendly and be social!