Job Opportunities for People Skilled In Business

Experienced and skilled business people often find great employment opportunities in the public and private sectors. The truth is that the government is interested in hiring talented individuals with extensive backgrounds in business. Therefore, a Master in Business in Administration degree is often a valuable tool to have when applying for jobs in the public sector, especially in the capital district of the United States where federal positions are in abundance. Many American business people also use their experience in the public sector to make smooth transitions to the private corporate world. Such individuals often take roles that conduct deals between government agencies and private businesses.

For example, government contracting is a major operation that involves hiring the services of private companies. A major federal infrastructure project such as a bridge needs the contracting services of engineering companies. It is the job of an experienced business manager to properly act as the middle party between big government and big business. A COO at DLA Piper is an example of a job position that conducts business with the government. In fact, the U.S. government often seeks consulting services from private companies in a variety of industries. For instance, the government may contact computer networking specialists and software developers for certain military projects. Similarly, the federal government may need to have mobile apps developed for official government websites and other online resources.

Executives at major private business consulting companies often find great opportunities in managing projects that are funded by the government. In a sense, the federal government outsources certain tasks that it simply does not specialize in. These days, multinational companies provide professional services not just to other global firms but to governments. A federal construction project of public housing may require experienced project managers that can properly handle millions of dollars and stay within a budget.

When it comes manufacturing, the government also needs partnerships with the private sector. Multinational companies can link the government with specific manufacturers that are preferably based in the United States. For example, military vehicles may need to be upgraded with auto parts that are made in the United States. A multinational company essentially links government needs with the competitive U.S. manufacturing market. Project managers at multinational companies must overlook all aspects of government related jobs and make sure that no foreign imports are used in cases involving requests specifically for domestic goods.

Multinational companies that offer professional practices need to follow strict guidelines when working with government contracting projects. For example, a company needs to stick to a certain timeline to complete construction projects officially funded by federal money. Such a company may be fined a significant amount of money for failing to complete projects on time. Experts at multinational firms have experienced business law specialists that thoroughly cover all legal aspects of taking on government contracting jobs.

Fraud monitoring is another major service that multinational companies can provide to government agencies. For example, monitoring for securities fraud such as insider trading is a common task for multinational firms that work with the government. However, monitoring for tax evasion and social security fraud is usually done by dedicated federal agencies such as the IRS and FBI. Nevertheless, private security firms can provide essential services such as surveillance for terrorists and other serious domestic crimes.