What’s in the New iPhone 5c?

The newly released iPhone has been in the talks recently. Everyone in everywhere is talking about it. However, it is not in the hand of everyone yet. So , here is some info about this awesome device so that you can know about the iPhone 5c.

General Features

Well, there haven’t been much improvements in the iPhone 5c from the iPhone 5S. if you are asking me, I will say that they are almost identical. If you are going to buy it just because,  they look the same and have almost the same features. The most prominent difference is that the 5S has only three colors where the 5c is available in five colors.

Special Changes

Well, I have already said that there are not much visible changes. But if you look inside you will definitely find some. The 5c has slightly better sharing mechanism. Also you will have a lower version of processor in the iPhone 5c. it uses ARM v7 based processor, which is a lower version of 5S. also you have lower video quality. Also you have lesser graphic here with triple core. If you can afford it, then I will suggest that you but the iPhone 5S.

The only thing that I think positive is its price. apple clearly has tried to bring the iPhone to the class of the mass buying range. This 5c (16GB) device costs only $99 and 32GB iPhone 5c costs about $199. But you have got to give it to the iPhone for trying to lower the price. They have got to have at least some profit, right?