Managing Work and Post Grad Study – Little Tips and Tricks

Post graduating is important for your future career. You will need a post graduate degree to bring some fineness in your career. Also you will not be able to get into any doctoral program. Here, a problem also rises. How to manage the time for work and for the study? Well, the steps for the different scenarios vary:

If you are already a full-time worker

The first and probably the best thing would be that you will need to let your boss know. It’s because your study will have some impact on the work schedule. If your boss is kind enough, he might give you a flexible schedule for working, if possible. You have to convince him how your course will turn you into a more efficient worker. The things will become a lot easier if you can convince your boss.

If you are a full-time student

Normally when you are a post grad, you have to take the study as the fulltime job. But there might be some complications and you will need money. In that case, try to take part time jobs. Your time management should be like this: at least two hours of prep time for one hour of class time. And, be discreet about the job. Some university specifically asks its post grads not to take jobs. Don’t take jobs that will harm your study.

In the end there are some plain pieces of advice. Check the university’s rules and regulations very carefully. Whatever you are doing fulltime now- job or study, don’t let the other thing hamper each other. And work really hard because it is not easy to work and study for post grad at the same time.