How Not To Get Fired At Work While Using Social Media

In today’s world, using social media is not a new thing, no matter what the gender is, or what the status in life is, being updated at the social media world is very common today. But these social media websites sometimes tend to get us in trouble, especially at work, so in order to avoid us in getting trouble with our boss and lose our job, here are some tips that you can use:

Don’t post undesirable comments

It is obvious that this social media mistake made every day on different social media websites. People tend to post their negative thoughts about their boss or co-workers online, this is one of the first things to avoid.

Don’t Reveal Trade Secrets

No matter what a social media policy the company has, it’s always wise to not reveal any secret of the company. It’s just like keeping the secret of your bestseller recipe if you have a restaurant of your own.


Don’t post any photos that can lead to humiliation to your boss or you when you go back to work on the next morning. Always keep in mind that your company and co-workers might be monitoring you online as well.

It is not bad to voice out our feelings to other people; the bad thing is when you know you’re doing something that can bring you into trouble. These are only some things that you should take note in order to avoid such trouble, or worse, lose your job.