What the People Think About iphone 5c

As you already know, the Apple iPhone 5c is the talk of the town. Accompanied by its predecessor iPhone 5S, this device is climbing up the raking of the market all over the world. This is happening at a really short amount of time. Let’s talk about what the people think about the iPhone 5c.

About the looks and styles

Well, Apple has clearly improved itself in matter of the looks and the style of the iPhone. However, the customers complain that it’s a little heavier than the iPhone 5S and less slim. Well, I don’t know about that because the specs are clearly the same. However, the new iPhone 5c does seem a little bit of round in the edges and lacks slimness. It also has some quality less than the other member of iPhone 5 members.

About the service of the device

The device just got out in the market only some days ago. So it is too early to have detail feedback from the customer. But it has comparatively less battery life and standby time. Also, this device has a lower version of chipset and processor than the other iPhone 5. So the customers are assuming that they will cause the device to be of slower service.

The previous customers of the apple iPhone have been commented that they did not find anything new in it. Also, they have said that this phone is not for users who are already used to the iOS. It will be boring for them. One thing is certain. You have got to commend the Apple for selling iPhone so cheap.