The Ipad Generation: Features Of This Gadget

The Apple Company has established itself as a industry leader in technology and electronic devices. With popular gadgets such as the Apple Tv and the Ipod, this company has grown to a technological giant. Recently tablets and notebooks have become the most popular device to own. These electronic devices are bigger than most smartphones and smaller than most laptops. However, they have the capabilities of both smartphones as well as laptops. To keep up with this demand for tablets, Apple released the Ipad. The Ipad provides the user with a plethora of features, functions and applications.

Ipad: A Indepth Look at This Gadget

The Ipad screen is designed to be scratch and fingerprint resistant. This is perfect as the Ipad is a completely touchscreen device. There are four buttons located around the edge of the Ipad. These four buttons are the: home button, volume button, sleep mode button and software update button. All of these buttons can be used in place of the touchscreen mode. The Ipad 2 provides a 720p rear facing camera. This camera is perfect for taking pictures and recording video. The content could then be upgraded on a 1080p high definition television.

Ipad: Accessories and Additions

All Ipads have a headphone jack, a physical keyboard dock and a USB cable port. These features allow you to connect other devices to it. Thanks to the inclusion of a USB port, information can be downloaded or uploaded to another device easily.