Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Going to Have Android 4.3 Update

The giant mobile device maker Samsung has been using the android OS in their smartphones for a really long time. They use it for it innovative and swift capabilities. But recently they have been having trouble with the new android OS 4.3 update.

What actually happened

Samsung galaxy phones have already had the android update. The latest member of the group the galaxy S4are supposed to have the android 4.2.2 update. In case you do not know, Samsung galaxy phones all have the Jelly Bean updates. So they Samsung company had the 4.3 installed in the other latest device. The Samsung galaxy S4 came with the jelly bean update. But the thing is the OS have been overestimated. It appears that there have been some bugs in the system and there have also been a good amount of complains shows that the apparently amazing acting weird.

What Samsung did

Samsung have taken the steps. Immediately they called off all the devices that were in the stores and installed with 4.3 android OS JellyBean. They have been installing the 4.2.2 android OS update temporarily. And the giant decided that after fixing the bug in 4.3, the 4.2.2 installed devices would get the 4.3 OS update.

Samsung have finally started updating the old 4.2.2 devices.

This was kind of an unprecedented mistake on the part of  Samsung. If these kinds of circumstances prevail again then they will fall behind in the race of controlling the smart phone market to Apple and HTC or even worse, the Nokia Windows Phones.